New Power BI Whitepaper and Webinar Recording on Maps

New Power BI Whitepaper and Webinar Recording on Maps
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If you followed my blog throughout 2016 and 2017, you may have noticed a passionate focus on mapping in Power BI. What originally started as frustration with Power BI’s nascent geospatial capabilities became a small series of celebrations as new enhancements arrived. As 2017 turned to 2018, I consciously shifted focus away from maps to banal topics such as fonts and themes. All the while, I was working on a new publication for BlueGranite called Exploring Maps in Microsoft Power BI.

In some ways, this publication is a successor to my original 5 Ways and 10 Ways to Create Maps in Power BI posts. In other ways, it places greater focus on data preparation and visualization than those popular Pro/Con posts. While the core of this free whitepaper started out as an update to 10 Ways, I ended up writing about much more than what visuals and custom visuals are available.

Many thanks to Angela DeYoung, Jen Clayton, and Lindsay Pinchot for helping get this launched.

BlueGranite also hosted a webinar last week with the same name and slightly more content than what is in the whitepaper. View the recording here:

Get Exploring Maps in Microsoft Power BI whitepaper free from BlueGranite:

Exploring Maps in Microsoft Power BI - BlueGranite - DataVeld

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