Power BI SVG Image Webinar Recording and Materials

Power BI SVG Image Webinar Recording and Materials
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Thanks to Charles Sterling from Microsoft for giving me an opportunity to present on the Power BI YouTube channel today! A recording from the hour-long webinar Using SVG Images in Power BI is now available. Thanks for everyone who joined live and who might be interested in viewing the video about building dynamic SVG measures in Power BI!

Companion PBIX (Power BI Desktop file)



(Note: Images that contain animation will not render in Edge or Firefox. Support for animation is mentioned briefly in the video. Slides should appear correctly in Chrome.)


  1. I tried using sparkline within a cell of a table, but due to Live Connection to a cube I was not able to modify the data category of the measure I created to populate the SVG URL.

    Let me know if you think this should work in a Live Connected reports as well.

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