Power BI Color Palette for Charticulator

Power BI Color Palette for Charticulator
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Charticulator is the first item that I mention in my recent Power BI Best of 2018 in Data Visualization post. It’s an exciting new tool from Microsoft Research to quickly build advanced visuals. Best of all, you can export charts as Power BI custom visuals without knowing how to code.

This morning, I submitted a pull request on GitHub to bring the default Power BI color palette to Charticulator. While Charticulator can export a Power BI custom visual .pbiviz file, there are no color-related Format options in Power BI. Any color choices must occur in Charticulator before exporting (you currently cannot change them later in Power BI). As a result, having the Power BI default palette easily accessible in Charticulator could help bring more consistency between the two tools.

It’s not a major change, but it could be high impact for any Power BI users. It is also exciting for me because it’s the first non-doc contribution that I’ve made to a Microsoft repository. Many thanks to Bongshin Lee and Donghao Ren for the quick approval and merge today!

Visit https://charticulator.com/ to see it in action.


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