Check This First if Power BI’s Map and Filled Map Will Not Display

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I was helping a client with an issue recently where their Power BI Desktop Map and Filled Map visuals would not display. My inclination was that something on the network was blocking the connection. This notion was quickly confirmed when my own connection at that location was not displaying the map visuals. It was not a Power BI Desktop issue.

What to look for though? We needed to figure out what was blocking Power BI Desktop’s connection to Bing Maps. Fortunately, we did not need to look very far. The Power BI documentation contains a “Tips and Tricks” page that provides Bing Maps-related URLs to allow through your firewall.

The documentation currently lists three URLs that Power BI’s Map and Filled Map need access to. In addition, some custom visuals use Bing Maps as well. Allowing these URLs could also help diagnose possible problems with visuals like the Route Map, Flow Map, and more.



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