Smaller Point Size in the Power BI Scatter Chart

Smaller Point Size in the Power BI Scatter Chart
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One of the Power BI improvements in the March 2019 Desktop release was reduced bubble size for the Map visual. I previously wrote about the benefit of the reduction in point/bubble size. I was unaware until recently that this change made it into more than the Map visual.

The ability to reduce the point size also appears in the Format options for the Power BI Scatter chart. Previously, you could change the size option from 0 to 100 under the Shapes area. As with the Map, the Scatter now allows you to reduce the size as low as -30. I did not see this mentioned in the March Desktop blog post. I must have missed it if it was part of a previous month’s release. In any case, if you were not aware that you could set the point size from -30 to 100 with the Scatter chart, now you do.

The change is very beneficial if you have a dense scatterplot and want to reduce the amount of overlapping points. The previous low of 0 was still too large in my opinion, and it often reduced the effectiveness of the visual. This small change is a large improvement for communicating with your data in Power BI.

Original Power BI Minimum Point Size = 0


New Power BI Minimum Point Size = -30



  1. Thanks for calling attention to this. Very useful. It’s too bad the scatter control still doesn’t implement proper proportionality in the bubble size.

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