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I recently added a Power BI “Blogmap” at https://powerbi.world/. The blogmap curates a list of Power BI-related blogs that I regularly follow. I’ve come to rely on it as a primary way to view current events in the Power BI world at one easy to recall URL.

The Power BI Blogmap is based on the Google News “Newsmap” treemap from about 15 years ago. The idea is a simple adaptation:

  • There is a weight assigned to the recency of posts.
  • Individual blogs are different colored categories.
  • The categories display the last ten posts for each blog.
  • Posts published in the last 24 hours have the highest weight and will have the largest individual rectangles.
  • Overall size and position of the individual blogs within the treemap are driven by the overall recency of the last ten posts.
  • The blogmap refreshes every four hours.

Click the image below to visit https://powerbi.world/ to check it out!

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