Have You Completed a WORKOUT WEDNESDAY for Tableau or Power BI?

Have You Completed a WORKOUT WEDNESDAY for Tableau or Power BI?
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Workout Wednesday is a weekly challenge that has been running for a few years for Tableau users at http://www.workout-wednesday.com/. Community contributors build a sample, provide requirements for you to follow to recreate it, and often post a video of their solution if you get stuck.

Along the way, you get exposure to many techniques, features, or specific visuals that you might re-use in your job or creative projects.

Power BI too?

Starting in 2021, the Workout Wednesday team was gracious enough to allow a group of four Microsoft Power BI aficionados to provide our own set of Power BI-related challenges.

Power BI started with some basics with the intent to grow into more complexity over time.

If you’re just starting to use Power BI, hopefully that’s a beneficial strategy for you. Perhaps at this stage, a new user’s goal could be exposure to techniques. If you’re more advanced, you can still participate though. Perhaps your goal if you’re already a pro ends up being technical accuracy and faithfulness to recreating the original.

By comparison, check out some of the awesome challenges recently posted for Tableau. We hope to raise the Power BI challenges to this level once we lay some foundation. We may even see mutual challenges for Tableau and Power BI in the future!

If you participate, don’t forget to track your submission on the WOW site at http://www.workout-wednesday.com/track-submission/tracker/. Not only can you see your individual progress, but you can see how you stack up against other participants on the Leaderboard (hint: the people at the top of the Leaderboard are those who do BOTH the Tableau and Power BI challenge each week). If you miss a week, you can go back at any time and catch up too.

Let’s see what you submit!

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