DAX is “Both Simple and Easy” Confirms Microsoft Focus Group

DAX is “Both Simple and Easy” Confirms Microsoft Focus Group
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UPDATE: April 2, 2021 – this post was published as satire on April Fool’s Day and is not factual. This post was inspired by a 2020 article from Alberto Ferrari: https://www.sqlbi.com/blog/alberto/2020/06/20/7-reasons-dax-is-not-easy/

A recent Microsoft focus group confirmed that its data analysis language, DAX, is both simple and easy. This result contradicts findings from a previous survey determining that DAX is simple but not easy as well as another that found DAX was easy but not simple. As a result of the most recent findings, no changes to make DAX easier to learn or simpler are planned.

DAX is available in a variety of Microsoft data products such as Power BI and Analysis Services. It allows any user—even analysts who have previously only used Excel—to take advantage of any of dozens of intuitive functions. As long as you understand filter context, build a separate Date table, have your data modeled into a star schema, buy books and video courses, and put in endless hours to practice; DAX is second nature and a comprehensive fit for all of your semantic modeling regardless of skill level or job role. For anyone else, there’s a variety of Quick Measures.

The focus group consisted of Microsoft MVPs, DAX trainers, consultants, and other Microsoft partners. “It was important to include a diverse population, which is why it was open to both MVPs and partners who teach DAX. The various viewpoints led to a surprising result, but in the end, I think it shows that DAX truly is easy for any type of user across the spectrum of enterprise to self-service.”

“Ironically, the community is saturated with tools and trainings focused on learning DAX. We’re still trying to find the link behind why this market is so big and what we’re hearing from our users.”


  1. From my point of view, DAX is neither simple nor easy but very powerful or 5% of DAX is simple and easy and powerfull 🙂
    For business users, writing DAX may quickly become a nightmare and make them ask “may I have the data in Excel ?”.
    Trying to make DAX easier, I am developing an external tool including a DAX debugger. I will publish it and will showcase it soon. Hoping it will help. Your opinion will be welcome.

  2. This hits way too close to home to be a “nice” April Fools article. Adding insult to injury. Good thing there is a Power BI outage so I can read this.

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