Trial Power BI Premium Per User for Free with the M365 E5 Sandbox

Trial Power BI Premium Per User for Free with the M365 E5 Sandbox
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Power BI Premium Per User (PPU) is the low-cost per user entry point for Power BI Premium. PPU gives you all user-focused capabilities of Power BI Premium.

Some features for data residency like multi-geo or resource-based autoscale are only available with Premium capacity, but you can test out the vast majority of Premium use cases with only a free Premium Per User trial.

After the trial period, PPU retails at USD $20/user/month.

Trial PPU through the M365 Developer Program

In order to obtain free Power BI Premium Per User trial licenses, start by obtaining a Microsoft 365 E5 sandbox available for 90 days through the Microsoft 365 Developer Program.

Fill out your information on the next few screens until you get to the screen where you select the sandbox type.

Select “Instant sandbox” because you simply can’t wait two days for a configurable one. You need it NOW!

Enter admin credentials and select the box for adding additional fictitious users if appropriate. These additional users are useful for testing different security roles, etc.

After verifying, you will have your sandbox tenant, which is good for 90 days.

Out of the box, Power BI for you and your fictitious user friends will include only a Pro license granted through E5. It’s only a few extra steps to get started with Power BI Premium Per User though.

Go to and sign in with your sandbox user.

In the upper right corner, select your avatar and click the Start Trial button.

Then click Start Trial on the new window that appears.

That’s it!

You now have PPU to trial as well as TONS of M365 goodness to test in other products like Teams, Viva, and more.

Plus, read on to find out how to get 25 free PPU licenses in your company’s existing tenant when the time is right.

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