Company Learns Power BI Desktop Is Free After Eight Years

Company Learns Power BI Desktop Is Free After Eight Years
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In a bizarre turn of events, a major corporation has just realized that its analytics staff has been expensing a software program every month for the past eight years, despite the fact that it’s always been available for free.

Sources close to the situation report that the software in question is Power BI Desktop, a popular tool used by many businesses for data analytics and reporting. One manager, who had been signing off on the monthly expenses for years, only became aware of the situation after attending a recent Guy in a Cube Saturday livestream.

“It was like a light bulb went off,” the manager said in a statement to the press. “I couldn’t believe that some prince in Nigeria had been charging my employees for this software all these years when they should have been getting it for free.”

The revelation has sent shockwaves through the company, with many analytics employees expressing disbelief. “It’s just ridiculous,” said one junior report developer. “The company could have been saving so much money if someone had just bothered to check whether we actually needed to be paying for this” before donning his Saint Laurent jacket and driving off in his Porsche.

Another manager, for his part, has vowed to take a closer look at expenses in the future to prevent similar oversights. “We pride ourselves on being a financially responsible company, and this was a real wake-up call for us,” he said.

Experts in the field of business management are calling the situation a cautionary tale for businesses everywhere, emphasizing the importance of regularly reviewing expenses and being aware of all available resources. “It’s important to stay vigilant and always be on the lookout for ways to save money.”

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