Microsoft Power BI Enhanced Scatter Shape Reference

Microsoft Power BI Enhanced Scatter Shape Reference
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One of the custom visuals that I regularly use in Power BI is the Enhanced Scatter. While there are many unique properties that offer enhancements over the regular scatter chart, Shape is one of the less intuitive ones.

By dragging either a measure or column into Shape in the field well, you can alter the shape that appears. What is less straightforward is how this works.

The documentation states:

"Add shapes that visually identifies [sic] the type of link: Download, Learn More, Pricing, Homepage, etc. Drag ShapeMeasure to Shape. Power BI allows: circle, cross, diamond, square, triangle-up, triangle-down, star, hexagon, x, up arrow, and down arrow. These values must already exist in (or be added to) your dataset."

Rather than specifying shape values such as “circle”, “cross”, and so on, Shape is based on a numerical value and not on a descriptive one. For example, I could have column values explicitly be “square”, “circle”, and “hexagon”; but the shape would remain the default circle for each. To get Shape to work properly, your value must be a number between one and ten. Blank, zero, or any number greater than ten displays the default circle.

The following chart displays the values required for each shape:

Power BI Enhanced Scatter Shapes.PNG

To obtain the Enhanced Scatter visual, visit the Custom Visual Gallery.

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