Embed a Live Microsoft Power BI Report in Jupyter

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Here’s a quick snippet showing how to host a live Power BI report in a Jupyter notebook using Power BI’s”Publish to Web” feature. Jupyter manages inline HTML fairly well when you are using Markdown, but it fails to render IFrames. The standard Power BI embed code using the HTML <iframe> tag will not work:

Instead, use Code with the IPython IFrame import:

from IPython.display import IFrame

powerBiEmbed = 'https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=[...]'

IFrame(powerBiEmbed, width=800, height=600)

%MINIFYHTMLa182ac5bb8669e481280c8d9e670aae312% %MINIFYHTMLa182ac5bb8669e481280c8d9e670aae313%

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