Microsoft R: A Revolution in Advanced Analytics

Microsoft R: A Revolution in Advanced Analytics
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One of the benefits of working on a team at BlueGranite is the collective expertise that I can tap into when needed. Whether it’s a skill that I am learning or a problem that I am stumped on, one or more of my colleagues typically has the ability to point me in the right direction. To benefit the wider community, many of these team members also regularly speak at conferences or user groups, or they blog. Recently, BlueGranite has also offered a monthly webinar that focuses on a methodology or technology that we regularly utilize. In these webinars, you can learn from some of the same great resources that I do.

The opportunity is still a few weeks away, but in honor of the June launch of SQL Server 2016, BlueGranite’s next webinar will focus on how to and why leverage R with a variety of Microsoft technologies. R is gaining a much larger following as Microsoft incorporates it into products like SQL Server and Power BI. As a result, there is a lot of excitement about it, but how do you separate the hype from the true experience?



Microsoft R: A Revolution in Advanced Analytics

Tuesday, June 28th
1:00 to 2:00pm Eastern

  • An introduction to the R platform – including a getting started guide
  • An overview of the major components of the Microsoft R ecosystem – including features of parallel processing on big data, and using R in environments like SQL Server 2016, PowerBI, and Hadoop
  • A demonstration of R in action in multiple platforms – from prototyping to production
  • R resources and tips on executing a successful R project
  • The business value of Microsoft’s ‘Write Once, Deploy Anywhere’ approach with R – key business issues around the ability to operationalize analytics and avoid re-engineering costs

Get more details and register HERE.



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