Power BI Analytics Challenge: Part 1 – Choosing a Category

Power BI Analytics Challenge: Part 1 – Choosing a Category
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A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced the Analytics Challenge for Power BI. The Challenge coincides with Microsoft’s Data Insights Summit in mid-June. While I will not be able to make it to the Summit this year (kid’s summer camp!), entrants do not need to be present to participate.

The rules outline three challenge categories:

  • Complex Data Prep
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Just for Fun

The Complex Data Prep category uses a few data files from the Hawaii Tourism Authority. It hurt to even look at these files. Whoever submits a contest entry in this category should get a prize just for participating!


The Advanced Analytics category uses the American Time Use Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are many potential stories to tell with this data. It’s a large collection of files that might be hard to get into the required < 50 MB size for the PBIX file. It will take some planning to make a focused report and be selective about what to include or omit.


The Just for Fun category uses a few files containing data from the Simpsons animated cartoon. It explores characters, locations, and scripts.


With the contest ending on June 4th, there is now only a week before the deadline. Contest entrants are free to create one submission in each category. Due to timing, I have this weekend and next, so I will personally be lucky if I can finish one report plus the required video explaining it. I’ve also chosen to blog about some of the experience along the way.

After some quick deliberation and review of the available data, I chose to focus on the American Time Use Survey data. So bring it competitors, and stay tuned for my next post to follow my progress!




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