In Gratitude for a Microsoft MVP Award

In Gratitude for a Microsoft MVP Award
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Humbled and honored, I received an email from Microsoft late yesterday stating that I was awarded a 2017-2018 MVP for contributions to the Data Platform! Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, follows me on social media, and has helped put me in a position to receive this award! Thank you to Microsoft as well for the recognition and for the various technologies that I enjoy working with daily.

Thanks especially to Meagan Longoria (b/t) and Rui Quintino (b/t) for nominating me. In addition, this award would not have happened without the patience of my wife and kids, the help of many coworkers, and the influence of countless community members. While there are too many to name individually, thank you to Eric Lofstrom for hiring me as I started my consulting career many years ago, Jim Bennett (t) for his early and ongoing mentorship, and all of my colleagues at BlueGranite who continually help and inspire me.

I look forward to contributing even more to the Microsoft Data Platform in the year ahead!




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