Power BI Space Contest Through March 31

Power BI Space Contest Through March 31
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Join Power BI in space! Power BI is holding a Space and Space Exploration Contest through March 31st. Get the details on the Community site, build a space-related report, and post it to the Data Stories Gallery.

Go here for more information: https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Gallery-Forum/Space-and-Space-Exploration-Contest/td-p/377294


Here’s a custom visual showing Twitter avatars from various Power BI team members orbiting the Power BI logo… I hope your entries are much better than this! By the way, I swear I already had this lying around as a “useless custom visual” — I guess it’s not so useless after all.

Power BI Orbit Custom Visual


If you are looking for data and don’t know where to get started, here are some potential datasets from data.world:

  1. SpaceX – All Falcon launches since the beginning – https://data.world/judkacag/spacex
  2. NASA – Fireball and Bolide Reports – https://data.world/nasa/fireball-and-bolide-report
  3. National UFO Reporting Center – UFO Incidents – https://data.world/khturner/national-ufo-reporting-center-reports
  4. Kepler Confirmed Planets – https://data.world/markmarkoh/kepler-confirmed-planets

Simply signup for free at https://data.world and use the built-in Power BI connector.





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