Videos for the Power BI Periodic Table of the Elements

Videos for the Power BI Periodic Table of the Elements
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A few days ago, I published my Power BI Periodic Table of the Elements visualization to the Data Stories Gallery. I have received a few requests since then asking about certain aspects of the report. In the following YouTube videos, I step through some basic building blocks that combine together to make the final report what it is:

While there is more to the report than what the videos cover, the primary areas of interest include:

  • Report page tooltip – additional filtered visuals appear in the tooltip when hovering over an element
  • Bookmarks and Buttons – navigation is controlled via Bookmarks, which are called by the Trends, Compare, and Back buttons
  • Conditional formatting with selectable measure values – the periodic table uses a scatter plot with conditional formatting, but there are several measures at work and not a single one
  • Dynamic axes – a scatterplot has dynamic values for both the X and Y axis rather than a static selection

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