Firefly Cartography in Power BI

Firefly Cartography in Power BI
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A few days ago, John Nelson (b/t) posted an article on the ArcGIS Blog entitled Steal This Firefly Style Please. In the post, he shares his Firefly style for ArcGIS. Inspired by that post, I attempted to recreate this glow effect in Power BI. While the required gradient setting is not currently available using ArcGIS Maps for Power BI, I was able obtain a similar effect using the Blur format option in the new Mapbox custom visual.

View this 3.5 minute video to see me walk through the Format options that I set:


Read more about Firefly Cartography from ArcGIS:

Steal This Firefly Style Please

Firefly Cartography

Here are some other quick examples I created with Power BI as well.

Power BI Firefly Glow - Mapbox - DataVeld

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