Summary of Recent Cognitive Services Posts

Summary of Recent Cognitive Services Posts
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Over the summer, a variety of BlueGranite consultants came together to write posts on pre-built AI using Microsoft Cognitive Services. As data professionals, we don’t have solutions or build apps that take advantage of every API, but certain services are extremely useful both for prototyping and long term solutions.

The posts are grouped according to the categories that Microsoft uses. Some categories have numerous APIs while others have…less. We tried to highlight an example from at least one API in each group. In reality, many AI-related solutions may combine several APIs across multiple categories. A good example of this is the “Speech” post by Jacque Carlson, where she explores speech to text alongside analytics of the resulting transcription. In addition, Colby built a customized search engine, which only takes a few minutes for you to recreate. I looked at object detection with Custom Vision. Gary explored text analytics and used Power BI as the vehicle to do so. Andy looked into QnA and bots!

Check them out when you have time!

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