Speaking at Power Platform World Tour in Chicago

Speaking at Power Platform World Tour in Chicago
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Exciting news! I’ve been invited to speak at the Power Platform World Tour in Chicago. The two day conference takes place Tuesday, April 9 and Wednesday, April 10 in the heart of downtown Chicago. There are also some pre-cons available if you want to arrive earlier. If you do anything with Power BI, Microsoft Flow, or PowerApps; the World Tour will be a great experience. Catch it in numerous cities throughout the world in 2019 as well.

Two Sessions

I’ll present two sessions in Chicago. The official abstracts will be posted on the World Tour site soon, so I won’t post them here. Some quick summaries though:

  • Practical Tips for a Successful Power BI Deployment –  Eric Wozniak, a colleague from BlueGranite, encouraged me to submit a session on setting your business up for a more successful Power BI deployment. This session will be on the New/Business User Track. It will summarize standard guidance and some lessons learned in an area where I’ve spent a large part of my recent past as a consultant–helping numerous organizations deploy and govern Power BI.
  • Exploring Maps in Power BI – While mapping posts litter this blog, I spent most of 2018 trying to branch out and shed the “Power BI Maps Guy” label. But I can’t stay silent forever… This talk will be a complete re-imagining of the original webinar that I gave for BlueGranite early last year (catch the recording). Rather than provide a survey of all the map types available in Power BI like I did in the webinar and the “10 Ways” blog post, I’m exploring use cases and going into more depth on a few of my “go-to” map visuals.

Thank You!

I’m very grateful to be able to speak at the World Tour in-person. As my young family has grown, I’ve consciously moved into more of an online focus presenting webinars and blogging. In this case though, everything worked out with timing and travel, and I’m thankful that conference organizers saw enough value in my session proposals. I’m looking forward to being with everyone in the Power BI (oops…) Power Platform community in April!

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