Top 5 Recent Power BI Posts from BlueGranite

Top 5 Recent Power BI Posts from BlueGranite
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My colleagues at BlueGranite have been posting some great Power BI content recently. Please check out what they’ve been up to! As a whole, we have a lot of collective experience on the BlueGranite team, and it’s great when we’re able to share some of our knowledge with the public rather than keep it internal. Follow the links below to read some of my coworkers’ strategies and techniques that could be valuable in your own Power BI work.

The Art of the Disconnected Table

Eric Lofstrom details a flexible technique for handling dynamic time intelligence.

Power BI Performance: Simple Practices for Report Optimization

Lindsay Pinchot describes several data modeling and visualization design techniques to improve performance in Power BI. She also looks at the relatively new Performance Analyzer in Power BI Desktop.

Evaluate Stock-Type Data Indicators

Paul Poco walks through stock-type indicators and semi-additive measures with some helpful data modeling techniques and DAX examples.

Using Microsoft’s Banking Accelerator and the Common Data Model
Gary Lock
describes the value of Microsoft’s Common Data Model and walks through one of the many sample industry accelerators that Microsoft has publicly available. This isn’t 2016’s CDM…

Why Power BI Shared Datasets Are Critical to a Self-Service BI Implementation

Melissa Coates details why the recently introduced shared datasets should be a crucial part of your Power BI solutions.


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