Microsoft 365 E5 and the Case of the Missing Power BI Pro

Microsoft 365 E5 and the Case of the Missing Power BI Pro
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When it comes to Power BI, it’s been common knowledge that if you own either Office 365 E5 or Microsoft 365 E5, you own a Power BI Pro license–or do you?

Since the introduction of the separate Microsoft 365 E5 add-ons for Security and Compliance about two years ago, not all versions of E5 are equal when it comes to including Power BI.

While the full version of Microsoft 365 E5 contains a Power BI Pro license, the two add-ons for E5 Security and E5 Compliance do not. When it comes to solving the mystery of a possible missing Pro license, you may be dealing with an add-on version and not the full E5 suite.

The full comparison sheet from Microsoft provides clarity on what products are owned with each purchase.

Whenever you work with your organization to determine if you have or need to purchase Power BI Pro, don’t let the answer stop at “We have E5, so you’re okay.” As the two E5 add-ons become increasingly common, be sure to follow up and learn what type of E5 your org currently has.

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