How to Get 25 Free Power BI Premium Per User Licenses for Organizational Pilots

How to Get 25 Free Power BI Premium Per User Licenses for Organizational Pilots
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Previously, you’ve read how to obtain Power BI Premium Per User (PPU) for a limited trial period as an individual in a new sandbox tenant. What if you’re ready for the real thing–trialing Power BI Premium in your organization’s existing tenant with targeted use cases?

Plan It Out

First, come with a plan. An existing tenant currently has one block of 25 free Power BI PPU licenses that are good for 30 days only. If you don’t use these licenses intentionally, any additional testing or pilot would require a purchase. No second chances in the same tenant.

M365 admins in your organization will be able to identify if these trial licenses are even still available. Perhaps they’ve been used in the past, in which case, a purchase would be necessary for any upcoming pilot.

Also, prior to obtaining these trial PPU licenses, try to work within your organization to identify and plan “quick win” solutions and use cases that take advantage of Premium features and can be timeboxed within a reasonable four week period. Do this before your M365 admin obtains and assigns the licenses.

Microsoft’s guidance for Implementation Planning and Adoption Roadmap provide a good start to help set expectations on all that is involved in piloting and eventually rolling out Power BI.

Steps to Obtain Trial Licenses

When ready, your M365 admin can go to their Admin Center and search for Power BI Premium Per User under Purchase Services.

Rather than commit to a purchase now, there is a link to Start Free Trial.

After clicking that link, the admin will see detail stating that your organization will have a block of 25 licenses available for free for 30 days, after which they will expire. The admin simply needs to click Try Now, and then assign the new PPU trial licenses to the appropriate users as they would any other license.

Happy evaluation period!

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