Startup Releases Waterproof Data Analysis Tool: Shower BI

Startup Releases Waterproof Data Analysis Tool: Shower BI
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Imagine being able to analyze your company’s revenue while you’re washing your hair. Or tracking your metrics while you’re secretly singing your favorite tunes. It’s now possible with new data analytics tool Shower BI.

Marketed toward analytics engineers who work remotely and need to regularly clean data, Shower BI is a refreshing new way entrant from a startup named [redacted pending result of ongoing litigation].

Some people may be skeptical about the idea of analyzing data in the shower, but the new startup is confident that once you try Shower BI, you’ll never go back to your old, non-waterproof data analysis tool. With Shower BI, every shower becomes a chance to gain gallons of insights, make decisions, and stay cleanly ahead of the competition.

For those of you who are worried about privacy, don’t be. Shower BI comes equipped with encryption and security features to ensure that your data stays safe–even if you accidentally drop it in the tub.

Speaking of which, the startup also plans a future premium tier, Shower BI Extreme. Benefits of the new Extreme version will include a robust and durable casing that is shockproof in addition to being waterproof.

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