2018 DataVeld Blog Review

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Last year, I set a few goals for the DataVeld blog in 2018. How did I do?

  1. More consistency – failed
  2. Less mapping – succeeded
  3. More variety – succeeded

In 2018, regarding consistency, I continued the ebb and flow of posting as I was able. I rarely scheduled a post and typically published whenever a post was ready. Most posts came from January to March and September to December. Within those months, there was no consistent schedule.

For less mapping, I intentionally cut back on what had previously been a niche focus on this blog. Apart from a whitepaper and webinar for BlueGranite, I did not place much focus on the topic. There were a lot of changes and improvements in the area this past year though, and other people have written or presented about them.

With regard to more variety, I branched out from a niche mapping focus into a variety of Power BI-related topics. My posts included themes, fonts, groups/bins, SVG, and more.

I also had an opportunity to present a Power BI + SVG webinar for Microsoft this past September. Many thanks to Charles Sterling for the invitation!

2018 in Review:

Excluding this post, I had 41 posts in 2018. In terms of traffic, my top two posts were from prior years. The top post authored this year concerned the slicer pane idea from May.

Top posts:

  1. 10 Ways to Create Maps in Power BI
  2. TopoJSON Map Files for Power BI Shape Map
  3. Build a Collapsible Slicer Pane for Power BI
  4. Manual Groups and Bins in Power BI: Why and How
  5. Template Theme Files for Power BI Visuals

My top referrals came from posts by Chris Webb and Kasper de Jonge. Thank you!

In terms of organic search, the top search terms with which people found DataVeld in 2018 reflects my intentional shift toward a greater diversity of topics:

  1. power bi samples
  2. topojson
  3. level of detail power bi
  4. shape map power bi
  5. topojson map file
  6. david eldersveld svg
  7. power bi svg
  8. power bi fonts
  9. tableau fixed
  10. power bi slicer panel

Thanks to everyone for your readership in 2018. Keep coming back for more in 2019! Happy New Year!

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